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Temperature display

Precise temperature measuring prob makes temperature value display live, clear at a glance, even in the dark night environment.

Patented brackets make it more stable after installation

Through repeated tests by Alseye engineers, a unique bracket was designed.
It prevents damage to the CPU when dropped. It’s with domestic patent and copyright protection.

 Low noise High performance

No fan frame in the back with more perfect appearance. Fins are distributed reasonably and evenly. The front sparse and back dense fins are designed to produce the jet air flow effect, improving the air flow speed at the air outlet, and make the heat dissipation speed faster.

Front Blade Back Blade
Front Blade 120x120x25mm Front Blade 120x120x25mm
Voltage DC 12V Voltage DC 12V
Current 0.3A±10% Current 0.3A±10%
Fan Speed 700~1900R.P.M.±10% Fan Speed 700~1700R.P.M.±10%
Max. Air Flow 73.76CFM±10% Max. Air Flow 73.76CFM±10%
Max. Static Pressure 2.01mm/H2O±10% Max. Static Pressure 2.01mm/H2O±10%
Noise Level 41.2dB(A) ±10% Noise Level 41.2dB(A) ±10%
Bearing Type Hydraulic Bearing Type Hydraulic


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